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Strengthening of marine and inland water management – part two

Environmental Protection Agency implements the project “Strengthening of marine and inland water management – part two“. Project is implemented in the framework of the LT02 program “Integrated marine and inland water management“ funded by the European Economic Area (hereafter – the EEA) Financial Mechanism 2009–2014.


The goal of the project is to improve information on the environment (to collect and evaluate information on water quality elements, effects of land cover change, transboundary air pollution, etc.), to develop the tools to assess the status of water bodies, to implement measures to improve the status of water and to evaluate their effectiveness. To achieve this, the status of water bodies at risk and its root-causes will be assessed, the effects biogenic compounds of the bottom sediments of the Curonian Lagoon on its status will be evaluated, impact of agricultural activities on the status of water bodies will be measured, effectiveness of diffuse pollution reduction measures will be evaluated, data on water quality elements will be collected, land cover changes will be evaluated, fluxes of long-range transboundary air pollution will be assessed. This will help ensure effective control of water quality at both national and European Union levels.


Most of Project activities are already finnished or are in the process of finalization.


Beginning of the project – 13 June 2014

End of the project – 30 April 2017

Budget – 3 294 430.36 eurai (11 375 009,14 Lt)