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According to the competence ensures continuous and complex monitoring, evaluation, forecast of and information providing on environmental quality and nature resources use.

Organizes, according to the competence coordinates and performs state environmental monitoring. Submits proposals for the formation and implementation of environmental protection policy with respect to the protection and management of surface water bodies in accordance to the river basin district management principle. According to the competence ensures the implementation of the policy of the control of chemical substances and preparations.

Manages and develops: State Cadastre of Rivers, lakes and reservoirs; Classificators of Rivers, lakes and reservoirs of the Republic of Lithuania; the Register of Spatial planning documents; and the Database for Spatial planning data.  Undertakes environmental impact assessment for planned economic activities related to water use. Introduces integrated pollution prevention and control system (IPCC).


Creates, applies and promotes implementation of: voluntary environmental management schemes such as EMAS, ISO 14001 in the industries, Best Available Techniques during IPPC permitting process and ecolabelling systems.

Organizes and performs according to the competence chemical, biological and radiological investigations of environment and pollution sources’, coordinates applied and other scientific environmental research, programs and projects.

Performs investigations in case of extremely large, including emergency, contamination.

Investigates potential environmental pollution from existing or newly established technologies.

Methodically manages state and economics entities’ pollution sources laboratory control.

Organizes and coordinates preparation of the publications on state of the environment.

Collects data on use of water resources, discharges of waste water, waste generation and treatment, pollution of ambient air and surface water; manages the available registers and databases.