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AIVIKS project

Lithuanian Environmental Protection Agency has initiated the project "Development of Electronic Services for Environmental Information". It will include modernization of existing environmental information system (AIVIKS), its extension and development of user friendly data management system. The developed system should cover air and water sectors including environmental quality and emission data and establish links with other currently operating systems and registers in order to ensure data exchange between them.

Project is aiming to:
-          to develop electronic services for data and information on the state of environment in Lithuania access, provision and management to be used by legal and private persons through the Portal of Environmental Information;
-          to simplify data exchange between the state organizations, municipalities and business  and streamline data flows;
-          to ensure access to environmental data for society, national and international organizations;

SEIS principles are taken into consideration under development of the system. If also follows ICT Guidelines prepared by NESIS project. Project developers are NESIS partners. This could ensure putting NESIS project results in practice. More about this project in Lithuanian language can be found at http://gamta.lt/cms/index?rubricId=b9d3fd67-624f-44cd-a951-8317c89e1ae7 (in Lithuanian)